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Amazing Partner

Wir sind dankbar für großartige Partner, die unsere Werte teilen und uns mit ihren Fähigkeiten bei unserer Mission unterstützen, eine nachhaltige Welt durch Agilität zu schaffen.

Scrum.org - The Home of Scrum

Scrum.org was founded by Ken Schwaber and aims to help people and teams solve complex problems.

The Scrum Framework, co-created by Ken Schwaber and used by thousands of teams and organizations around the world, is a lightweight framework that helps develop solutions to complex problems through agility.

Helping companies create amazing outcomes for their business, for people and for our planet is a complex problem. That is why Scrum and Amazing Outcomes are a perfect match, why Amazing Outcomes uses, coaches and teaches Scrum, and how Scrum.org and Amazing Outcomes became partners.

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Glenn Lamming

At the beginning of 2021 Glenn set up his own business to continue his journey of learning and of giving back. The opportunity to make a difference in a social impact context is one of the primary drivers that led him to take this step. The vision of his own work in the future is one in which he helps bridge the gap between free and social impact enterprises, with the desire of making the workplace a better, more human place to be.

This leads to supporting companies in both the for-profit sector, as well as for organizations with a focus on creating a meaningful social impact. This is all done with a focus on agile product development, primarily, although not exclusively in software product centric environments and using Scrum as the framework for enabling individual, team, product, and business agility. He is especially motivated by the people centric approach that the Scrum framework creates, in applying agile principles and values to all our work.

Working closely with teams and individuals as coach and trainer allows him to apply a holistic approach to agile leadership. To help guide him he draws on his own significant experience and time spent in complex product leadership roles. Now, the additional aspects of coaching, mentoring, teaching, and facilitating while engaging with product teams as a change agent, rounds off his profile. His passion for coaching helps him act as guide and navigator as people jointly work towards their own common, shared and most importantly meaningful goals.

For Glenn, a good day is one in which everyone has an opportunity to learn from each other, while giving in an open, honest, and collaborative spirit.

Amazing Outcomes partners with Glenn to deliver agile training and coaching, with the shared aspirational goal of helping social impact-oriented organizations become more effective.

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Boris Steiner

I am a Germany based Agile Coach and Professional Scrum Trainer helping people, teams and organizations to work together even better. To achieve this, I build a strong, personal connection with everyone involved. People can do amazing things when their potential is unleashed and my happiest moments are when I can enable others and then step aside and see this happen! Let's find out if you could be the next one and discover together how I can help!

I deeply appreciate Johannes and Amazing Outcomes as a partner because we are driven by the same set of values. And even more important: We share a common interest to put our talents to use for social impact-oriented organizations and try to make a difference where we can. A particular interest of mine is to have a positive impact on the world we are living in. I try to live up to this and make my own personal impact social responsibility as much and as well as possible. This means: If one of the following is true for you, or the organization you are part of I would love to hear more about it. Together, let's understand how we can make your access to the coaching and training I provide an easier path to follow:

  • You are working in a social impact project.
  • You are working on critical social issues of our time like the climate crisis.
  • You need help in starting a social / climate / ... startup.
  • You are facing a time of personal hardship (e.g. losing your job due to COVID19).

Coaching can be a powerful support for individuals, teams and organizations alike. Depending on your needs I can help on all three levels. An engagement within a company typically involves all three to achieve the best outcome and provide the most impact. We need to remember that no two contexts is the same though. Therefore we will take time together to find out exactly what you need and adapt it to the situation as it evolves along the way.

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