Building an agile supermarket

Can you build an agile supermarket? Well, the answer is yes. We first need to know what an agile supermarket is...

Can you build an agile supermarket? The answer is yes.

We first need to know what an agile supermarket is. An agile supermarket is a supermarket that uses empiricism, the testing of ideas to create and maximize value.

A major supermarket came to us with an idea. They wanted to renovate their stores so they could upsell products such as digital services to create additional revenue.

We coached the organization to see this as an untested idea. To see if this idea had value to their customers, we needed to test it.

What did we do?

We ran two Design Sprints to see if their idea would work. We built physical prototypes to redesign parts of their stores so we could have areas where they could try to upsell their products to their customers.

We were able to gain a large amount of data and provide feedback within just two weeks - the time of two Design Sprints.

The feedback from customers was unanimously critical of the idea.

What we achieved?

By observing the behaviour of the store’s customers and by providing feedback to the company in a short space of time, we were able to save the company hundreds of thousands of Euros on a store redesign that had no value. More importantly, we were able to embed empiricism in the company, so that in the future they would test ideas first before making costly investment decisions.