Professional Scrum Master® (PSM)

Learn to be a Professional Scrum Master® from the people at who created and shepherd Scrum.

Course Summary

Our 2-day Professional Scrum Master training is about giving you the skills you need to become a professional Scrum Master. We guide you through the elements of Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master within it.

By the end of this Scrum Master course you will be able to coach empiricism, self-organization, servant leadership, cross-functionality and a definition of "done" to build highly effective Scrum Teams developing highly successful products.

Why you should come to this Scrum training

This course is for anyone who is passionate about

  • Creating successful products that customers love
  • Delivering products to the market faster than your competitors
  • Creating happier stakeholders, customers and employees
  • Increasing the effectiveness of your teams and organization

By the end of this course

You will be able to apply the Scrum framework and Scrum principles to

  • Support the Product Owner maximize the value of their product
  • Help the Development Team deliver „done“ Increments regularly and frequently
  • Coach the organization to understand and adopt Scrum and create conditions for highly effective Scrum Teams

Course Topics

  • Scrum theory and principles
  • The Scrum framework
  • The Definition of “done”
  • Product Development with Scrum
  • Working with people and teams
  • Scrum in your organization
  • The role of the Scrum Master

Why us?

  • Johannes Geske is a Professional Scrum Trainer® (PST) at He began his Scrum journey in 2005 and has trained hundreds of people in using Scrum to build software, Scrum to build embedded software and hardware, Scrum to run organizations, and Scrum to turn around crisis projects
  • We keep the size of our classes small, no more than 12 people per Scrum trainer
  • We give you the official course book only Professional Scrum Trainers have
  • You get free access to our digital library with all your training materials, free e-books, helpful tools and resources
  • You get free access to our Slack community where other Professional Scrum Masters and your Scrum Trainer Johannes Geske can help you with day-to-day questions
  • You get discounts for other training events offered by Amazing Outcomes
  • You will receive 14 Project Management Institute (PMI) Professional Development Units (PMI PDUs) for attending this Scrum course


All participants completing this Professional Scrum Master® (PSM I™) course will receive a certificate of completion from Amazing Outcomes and a password to attempt the PSM I assessment. Participants who take this industry-recognized assessment within 14 days of the training, and who do not achieve the passing grade, will have the opportunity to retake the assessment for free.

Training methodology 

We are fans of “Training from the back of the room” and “Liberating Structures”. These approaches to teaching and facilitation help us deliver a highly interactive learning experience where the participants are able to experience Scrum through practical hands-on training in an easy to understand, engaging and exciting way.

How to get the most out of this class

If you’d like to prepare, we suggest you read the Scrum Guide. It’s not mandatory but will maximize your learning experience. You can get the Scrum Guide here.

Other things you should know

  • Spoken language: see available training events
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Size of class: no more than 12 people per Scrum trainer
  • Type of class: public
  • Venue: see available training events
  • Catering: coffee, soft drinks, snacks and lunch are included
  • Cancellation: free of charge 30 days before training. Within 30 days, you can reschedule for free or send someone else to attend.
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