Virtual Training

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About our Virtual Training

What is virtual training?

Virtual training is a training event where the participants and trainer are not at the same physical location. Instead, they meet online through digital learning solutions and other digital tools to learn and experience a topic together. We use HD video conferencing technology, digital break-out rooms, digital whiteboards and other tools to create a learning experience almost like in a physical classroom.

What are the advantages of virtual training?

You save yourself the hassle and expense of travelling, and you can participate from anywhere in the world where you feel comfortable to focus, collaborate and learn. If you work in an environment where people you work with are spread across different locations, our virtual training will give you a very realistic experience of how you can setup and improve your distributed work environment.

Is this training live with a real teacher?

Yes, our virtual training takes place in real-time and is guided live by a trainer. Our virtual training, like our classroom training, is designed to be interactive to create an attractive and varied training environment. For many of the exercises, we use digital break-out rooms in which participants can together in smaller groups.

Will you provide documentation?

Yes, the results of the work that we do during our virtual training are digitally documented and made available to all participants via our digital library. Before the training starts, each participant receives a workbook from us, so that they can take notes during the training.

Which technical equipment do I need?

To join virtual training, you need:

  • A computer (a tablet or smartphone isn't sufficient)
  • A webcam and a headset
  • A reasonably quiet place
  • A reliable broadband internet connection
  • A free Microsoft Teams account
  • A chromium browser (we recommend Firefox) to use our digital whiteboard

What if I lose connection during training?

Sometimes internet connections just break. If this happens and you get disconnected during our virtual training, simply reconnect and automatically rejoin the training.

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