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How we run our company

We are driven by our purpose to help organizations deliver more value faster through agility, and we believe the first step is to practice what we preach. That is why we use agile principles and practices to run Amazing Outcomes, with Scrum being at the heart of our organization. Practising the same principles and practices that we help our clients adopt is what gives us an edge.

How we are different

  • We are the goldilocks of our profession

    We are bigger than freelancers and smaller than corporates. Stronger than one person but faster than bigger organizations. We have a flat hierarchy but with personal accountability. We are personal and professional. In other words, we are just right for you.
  • Diversity is an advantage, not a buzzword

    For us, diversity isn't about political correctness. We come from a range of backgrounds, and we have a vast wealth of knowledge across multiple industries. What brings us together is a passion for creating amazing outcomes for our clients.
  • We practice what we preach

    We don’t rely on second hand referrals. We like to put things to the test. So, we only teach and coach things that we have tested and done ourselves and know that works. We practice what we preach.

Our clients

Here are some of the companies who we help to transform complex challenges into sustainable solutions with agile training, agile coaching and workshops:

What our clients say about us

Gürdal Ergüven, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Sto SE & Co. KGaA

“Das Plug & Play Scrum Team von Amazing Outcomes hat in nur sechs Wochen ein releasefähiges Produkt entwickelt. Bereits während der Entwicklung haben sie das Produkt mit unseren Kunden getestet, so dass wir frühzeitig wussten, dass wir das richtige Produkt entwickeln. Was unsere Zusammenarbeit wirklich ausgezeichnet hat, war nicht nur die Geschwindigkeit und Qualität, sondern auch die empirische Methode des Teams und die positive Kulturveränderung, die sie in unserem Unternehmen geschaffen haben. Wir haben dadurch viel gelernt!”

Johan Falck, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Testo SE & Co. KGaA

"Johannes is my go-to trainer since many years for all things agile – he’s done Scrum, Kanban, Business Agility and Product Owner trainings for us and you can rely and trust in a great outcome. He not only can bring across the methods but also the meaning and reasons behind them and it is with this understanding of the “why” that what you learn sticks also after the training. I’m also impressed that he practices what he preaches in that he is always experimenting and improving the trainings so that you will always see something new. So, highly recommended!"

Dr. Nicolai Seitz, General Counsel, Vaillant Group

"Finally, the term ‚agility‘ is no longer a buzzword without content. Johannes and Claus-Peter communicated its meaning, principles and practices in a vivid and playful way and worked out the effects on contracts with us. Customer-oriented, friendly and to the point. Absolutely recommendable!"

Dörte Witkovsky, Scrum Master, Testo SE & Co. KGaA

"The training goal was to develop a common understanding of Scrum on our team. Due to COVID-19, the training was online, which was a big benefit as this is how we work daily. It had a strong practical focus and a good portion of fun which was very motivating! Already in the training, we could see our impediments more clearly and decided how to approach them. 2.5 months after the training, we see many positive results: We got a lot more done than everybody expected, with higher quality than before. It also helped us work as a team in COVID-19 times. Even the initial doubters don‘t want to go back to the old way of working! I can highly recommend working with Johannes — not only in trainings but also as a coach."

Helge Hintze, Head of Configuration and Calculation Software

"My team and I attended Johannes’ Scrum Training to gain a shared understanding of Scrum. The interactive training was a great experience and achievement for all of us."

Max Ostrowski, Teamleiter Scouting Deutschland, innogy SE

"This was the first time our globally distributed team ran a Design Sprint. Not only did we experience a new approach to solving challenges fast and getting to know user needs better, we also grew as a team! Thank you, Johannes, for facilitating this fun, 'brutally fast' and very valuable process."

Dr. Max Ruhwinkel, Director Group Customer IT, Vaillant Group

"Johannes is a trusted partner who has been helping us build agile teams for many years. Since these teams have become agile, customer relationship and customer satisfaction have improved significantly."