We are Amazing Outcomes.

Johannes Geske

I’ve always been curious about how the world works. As a child, I took things apart just to see how they worked. Luckily for me, my parents always encouraged my curiosity.

I first learned to program computers in 1991. All it took was for my uncle to give me a handful of floppy disks about programming. 5 years later, I was developing business software and built my first commercial website.

In 2005 I graduated from law school and became a consultant for the pioneering digital consultancy Sapient. It was here I learned that agility was the answer to one of our most important questions: How do we help our clients deliver greater value? I soon became an agile coach for Sapient, which brought together everything I enjoy about my job:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Creating great products
  • Being part of a great team

In 2013 I took the next step in my journey and started my own business with the aim of helping organizations. One of my first clients came to me with a project in crisis. We used Nexus to scale Scrum and delivered what was needed on time and within budget. The success of this Nexus project is detailed in a case study by

Throughout my work, I see organizations misuse "Agile" to produce outputs instead of using them for their real purpose – to create outcomes. That is why I made it my mission to help organizations, their leaders and teams create amazing outcomes.

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Jessica Sewzik

I’m a people person. Helping people to overcome challenges is what drives me.

When I was younger, I gave private lessons to students. From a young age, I have always been passionate about taking on more responsibility, so that I could continually learn, grow and increase my self-confidence.

Progressing from teaching to coaching was a journey. I developed my skills as a coach after I graduated from university with a degree in economics and joined an international DIY retailer. It was here where I developed a passion for projects and the principles of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. This is also where I honed my skills as an agile coach, helping to create an environment where people were able to get value by using agile principles and practices. This passion for people and agility is what I stand for.

I help organizations solve complex challenges such as building teams and developing products. Creating, increasing and improving value is what I love doing. I do this by focusing on outcomes over outputs.

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Maximilian Diecks

Since childhood, I’ve always been passionate about why we do things and how we ended up doing these things. If something makes sense, we should do it, right? I guess that’s why I enjoyed maths at school, because logic and critical thinking always came easily to me.

This mindset helped me throughout my studies in business, economics and organizational psychology. For me theories and models are like windows that let us make sense of the world's complexity.

As soon as I learned about Scrum, I realized that this was the future, simply because it is the closest to the way we create values that are important to people. I want to develop a value-adding environment by leaving outdated ways of thinking aside and becoming more agile.

I’m lucky to be able to work with people who share my passion in helping organizations. To me improving value means focusing on outcomes over outputs.

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Stephen Sykes

I first learned about teams, and how they work effectively when I was 18. I captained my local rugby team to victories in both the national league and the national cup and "scrummed" before I was a Scrum Master.

My career started in a call center for a national bank in Northern Ireland. I worked my way from being a call center agent to leading a team of 8 people. 2 years later, I took the opportunity to work as a personal account manager in the Channel Islands and learned how to surpass customer expectations by tailoring customers products to make their life better.

I loved my job in the bank, but decided I needed a greater challenge. I moved to Germany, studied for, and became an English teacher. I spent my time in companies learning about every kind of industry and teaching every kind of employee from shop floor worker to board level directors. It was here I learnt about Scrum.

I realized Scrum is what brought all the things I learnt about together in a framework that was easy to understand, but when implemented would deliver exceptional value. Developing self-organizing teams, focusing on things that have value, delivering finished work and most importantly being a servant leader.

After completing a full stack web development bootcamp and completing my Professional Scrum Master certification, I began my journey as a Scrum Master.

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