Johannes Geske is now Amazing Outcomes

I’m Johannes Geske, and I just launched our new company Amazing Outcomes.

Hi, I’m Johannes Geske!

In 2013, I took a common challenge and turned it into a business: I saw that organizations were more concerned about producing outputs than creating what's really important: Outcomes. What are outcomes? Outcome is another way of saying validated value.

In 2019, we changed our company name to Amazing Outcomes to put outcomes at the heart of everything we do: Creating value for businesses, for people and for our environment.

Located in Düsseldorf, Germany, we enable teams and leaders to turn complex challenges into sustainable solutions through agility. We do this through agile training, workshops and agile coaching.

We wouldn't be here if it weren't for all our amazing clients we have been working with and who have been an important part of our continuing journey. We'll be using the wealth of experience gained from this work to help you.

Thanks for reading! In our next post we will dive deeper into outcomes over output.