Everything we offer is designed to help you create amazing outcomes. We use a lot of resources to help you create amazing outcomes, too. Here are some of them:

Tools & Collections

  • Amazing Library

    Participants of our workshops and training events can access their digital library here:
  • Amazing Toolbox

    We use a lot of tools and techniques to help organizations become amazing. And we share them with you.
  • Outcome Map

    Use our outcome map template from our Amazing Toolbox to start creating your outcome map.


Case Studies

  • Scaling Scrum

    A case study about how we scaled Scrum using Nexus.
  • Agile Supermarket

    Can you build an agile supermarket? Well, the answer is yes.
  • Coming soon!

    You can soon read:

    Agile Salesforce


  • 1-Sep-2019

    Johannes Geske is now Amazing Outcomes
  • 15-Nov-2019

    Amazing Outcomes Joins Global Professional Training Network®

We practice what we preach

We develop our website incrementally and will soon add more amazing resources.