Outcome Mapping

Learn a powerful technique to connect your actions to your goals and achieve the right outcomes.

Course Summary

Most organizations set goals and immediately get to work, without understanding how their activities connect to their goals. They are busy without achieving their goals, and they lose out to their competitors who have understood how to effectively align their activities with their goals. In this training, you will learn to use outcome mapping to facilitate goals and strategies and achieve your goals quicker and more efficiently.

Why you should come to this training

This training is for you if

  • You want to achieve your goals quicker and more efficiently
  • You want to learn a powerful tool to facilitate goals and strategies
  • You want to leverage your stakeholders in supporting your goals
  • You want to learn to be more agile in achieving your goals

By the end of this course you can

After this training you can

  • Use outcome mapping to facilitate and connect goals with activities
  • Use outcome mapping to understand and leverage your stakeholders
  • Use outcome mapping to maximize the value of your products
  • Use outcome mapping to increase the agility of teams and projects

Course Topics

  • Goals, direction and focus
  • Outcomes and outputs
  • Outcome mapping
  • Agility and outcome mapping
  • Outcome mapping and user story mapping
  • Agile product development with outcomes
  • Agile project management with outcomes

Why us?

  • We practice what we preach. We use outcome mapping ourselves to keep us focused on our goals, and we are happy to share that experience with you
  • We have trained hundreds of people in building digital and physical products, transforming and running organizations, and solving crisis projects 
  • You get free access to our digital library with all your training materials, free e-books, helpful tools and resources  
  • You get free access to our Slack community where other agile practitioners and your trainer will help you with day-to-day questions


You will receive a certificate from Amazing Outcomes.

Training methodology 

We use “Training from the back of the room” and “Liberating Structures” to deliver a highly interactive learning experience where you are able to experience practical hands-on training in an easy to understand, engaging and exciting way.

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