Outcome Mapping

Focus actions on goals & vision

Workshop Summary

The Outcome Mapping workshop helps you solve complex challenges by creating a shared understanding of the work you need to do and the people who will help you achieve your goals.

Why you should let us run this workshop for you

A lot of companies set goals, and go straight to work, without having a shared understanding of how their work is connected to their goals. Even though they are very busy, only a portion of the work they do turns out to be relevant to actually achieving their goal – if they achieve it at all.

This workshop is right for you if

  • You are facing a complex challenge and there is a lot you could do to overcome it
  • You want to focus on what is really important to meet your goals
  • You want to leverage your customers and stakeholders in supporting your goals
  • You want to achieve your goals quicker and more effectively
  • You want to become more agile in achieving your goals

By the end of this workshop

After this workshop you will have created

  • A shared understanding of how your work is relevant for your goals
  • A strategy to leverage your customers and stakeholders in helping to achieve your goals
  • Transparency about your underlying assumptions and how you can test them
  • A prioritized action plan you can execute immediately to meet your goals
  • A visual tool to help you stay transparent and focus on your goals

Why us?

We practice what we preach. We use outcome mapping ourselves to keep us focused on our goals, and we use that experience to run this workshop for you. 

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Outcome Mapping is a powerful approach to facilitate goals and strategies and achieve your goals quicker and more effectively. You can run an Outcome Mapping workshop without special methodological knowledge. As experienced facilitators we lead you through the process, so that you can focus on the subject matter. We also offer Outcome Mapping training if you like to learn to facilitate this workshop yourself.

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