Recruiting Great Scrum Masters

Evaluating Great Scrum Masters

Does your Scrum Master know their Increment from their Impediment? Find out how deeply your candidate knows Scrum!

Scrum Masters are one of the most sought-after jobs today. That's why it's important you spend your time with the right applicants and candidates. To help you make better decisions on who would make a great Scrum Master, we offer the following services:

1. Simplify your application process

We created the Scrum Master Online Assessment. This testing tool will let you know to what extent the applicant knows Scrum, can apply the Scrum Framework, and can leverage their experience. It won't make a hiring decision for you but will provide you with insights into their knowledge and experience that you can use if you interview the candidate. The assessment is easy to plug into your application process and will reduce your time to sift applications.

Test how deeply applicants know Scrum to streamline your application process.


  • Online Assessment: Applicants get a set of questions out of pool of questions
  • Format: multiple-choice questions, designed to assess the applicant's experience
  • Language: English / German
  • Technology: web-based, custom branding, API available
  • Time limit: Applicants have to answer questions within a time box
  • Assessment Results: You receive a score breakdown and advice in which areas you should focus on during a possible interview with the candidate
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2. Have insightful and inspiring interviews

We designed the Scrum Master Interview Kit to help you get to know your candidate, and help your candidate get to know your organization. It includes challenging and thoughtful questions as well as hands-on exercises so you can make an informed hiring decision.

Use interactive exercises to have insightful and inspiring interviews


  • Guide showing you how to use the materials to complement your interview format
  • Collection of questions tailored to the core Scrum Master subject areas
  • Interactive exercises to lead insightful and inspiring discussions
  • In-depth case study to challenge the candidate's knowledge and experience
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