Recruiting Great Scrum Masters

Scrum Training for Recruiters

As a recruiter you need to know Scrum fundamentals so you can ask the right questions to find great candidates.

We offer Scrum Training that's ideal for recruiters and other HR roles who do not work in a Scrum Team themselves, but rather support Scrum Teams through their work. Our Scrum training offers you a broad and complete picture of Scrum, making it ideal for you if you need to understand Scrum so you feel comfortable talking about Scrum and asking the right questions.

  • Professional Scrum Foundations™ (PSF) Live Virtual Training

    Explore Scrum in this training designed specifically for a virtual classroom.
  • Professional Scrum Foundations™ (PSF) Training

    Explore Scrum as part of a Scrum Team, creating a product through a series of Sprints.