Everything we offer is designed to help you create amazing outcomes. You give us your time, and we give you the keys to open the door to value:
  • Outcomes over Outputs

    Learn to lead and manage through outcomes instead of outputs
  • Agile mindset, values, principles and practices

    Start your agile journey through this hands-on learning experience
  • Agile leadership

    Learn to apply agile leadership values, principles and practices and become an agile leader of yourself, your teams and your organization.
  • Scrum Professional Scrum Master® (PSM)

    Learn to be a Professional Scrum Master® (PSM) from those at who created and maintain Scrum.
  • Kanban

    Learn to “stop starting and start finishing”. Use a visual management tool to incrementally improve the day-to-day and strategic flow of value in your organization and decrease time‑to‑market.
  • Design Thinking

    Learn to truly understand user needs and create solutions that users love
  • Liberating Structures

    Learn to facilitate highly productive meetings and workshops.
  • Professional Scrum Master® (PSM 1™) + Outcome Mapping

    Being a Scrum Master is about helping to drive value. Combining this Professional Scrum Master® (PSM I™) course with Outcome Mapping will make you an even better coach to your Product Owner.
  • Professional Scrum Master® (PSM I™) + Liberating Structures

We practice what we preach.

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