Kanban Fundamentals

Learn to use a visual management tool to incrementally improve the flow of value in your organization and decrease time‑to‑market.

Course Summary

Get to know the basics of the Kanban method. Design Kanban boards for teams and a Kanban board to coordinate multiple teams. Learn to apply the visualization of different types of work and to measure and improve the flow of work.

Why you should come to this Kanban training

This training is aimed at anyone who

  • wants to improve their communication and cooperation
  • wants to improve the time-to-market and quality of their work
  • wants to increase the satisfaction of their internal and external customers

By the end of this course

  • You will understand the core concepts of Kanban as method, system and mindset
  • You can use a Kanban system for teams
  • You can use a Kanban system to coordinate several teams
  • You can hold Kanban meetings
  • You can continuously measure and improve the efficiency of your Kanban system

Course Topics

  • Overview of the basics and drivers of agility
  • Overview and simulation of the Kanban Method
  • Understanding Flow, WIP Limitation and Service Classes
  • Understanding essential metrics for controlling a Kanban system
  • Understanding the flight level model for business agility
  • Development of a Kanban system for a team
  • Development of a Kanban system for the coordination of teams

Why us?

  • We have trained hundreds of people in using agile Kanban to build digital and physical products, transform and run organizations, and solve crisis projects  
  • We keep the size of our classes small, no more than 12 people per trainer  
  • You get free access to our digital library with all your training materials, free e-books, helpful tools and resources   
  • You get free access to our Slack community where other Kanban practitioners and your trainer will help you with day-to-day questions 
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You will receive a certificate of completion from Amazing Outcomes.

Training methodology 

We are fans of “Training from the back of the room” and “Liberating Structures”. These approaches to teaching and facilitation help us deliver a highly interactive learning experience where the participants are able to experience Kanban through practical hands-on training in an easy to understand, engaging and exciting way.

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