The Agile Experience

Boost your agile experience through this hands-on virtual learning experience of agile principles, practices and values.

Course Summary

For organizations in dynamic markets characterized by technological, economic, ecological and social changes, agility is the most important (management) skill. In this training you will get an overview of agile values, principles and practices with which you will gain a powerful competitive advantage.

Why you should come to this Agile training

This course is for anyone who wants to

  • Get a no-nonsense definition and understanding of agility
  • Establish mutual understanding of agility in the organization
  • Get an overview of relevant agile principles, practices and fameworks
  • Make their value chain faster, more flexible, more creative and more reliable
  • Achieve a shorter time-to-market for their projects and products
  • Develop higher-quality products

By the end of this course you can

  • recognize opportunities in which agility promotes success
  • shorten your time-to-market
  • better understand the needs of your customers
  • develop and release high-quality products regularly and frequently
  • design and communicate business models
  • optimize knowledge work and value streams
  • understand the importance of an agile mindset and culture

Course Topics

  • Understanding complexity and agility
  • Understanding the qualities of an agile mindset, values and culture
  • Understanding the customer and developing user-oriented solutions
  • Testing ideas through experiments and Minimal Viable Products (MVP)
  • Developing Business Models with Business Model Navigator & Business Model Generation
  • Applying the Lean Startup philosophy for products and services
  • Developing and releasing higher-quality products and implement complex projects with Scrum
  • Improve value streams and knowledge work with Kanban

Why us?

  • We have been training and coaching people since 2005 in using agile principles and practices to build digital and physical products, transform and run organizations, and solve crisis projects 
  • You get access to our online community where we will help you with day-to-day questions
  • You get 3x1 hour of live online-coaching within 3 months after the training
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You will receive a certificate from Amazing Outcomes.

Repetition Guarantee

We have been training people since 2005 and received excellent feedback. If you are not satisfied with this training, you can participate a second time within three months free of charge. To use this guarantee, simply send us your wish to repeat by e-mail. We will then contact you for feedback and find another training date for you. This guarantee applies to public courses.

Training approach

We use “Training from the back of the room” and “Liberating Structures” to deliver a highly interactive learning experience where you are able to experience practical hands-on training in an easy to understand, engaging and exciting way.

Live Virtual Class

If we conduct this training in a virtual setting, we create a productive virtual learning experience by using HD video conferencing, online break-out rooms, digital whiteboards and special facilitation techniques that enable you to interact with your tutor and your fellow participants throughout the entire course. For more information, please have a look at our list of frequently asked questions about virtual training. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, or if you prefer to talk with someone personally, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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