Professional Scrum Master

Take advantage of our experienced Professional Scrum Masters who have a track record of delivering value and who are mentored by our own Professional Scrum Trainer™ (PST).

What is a Scrum Master?

“The Scrum Master is accountable for the Scrum Team’s effectiveness ... Scrum Masters are true leaders who serve the Scrum Team and the larger organisation” – The 2020 Scrum Guide

A Scrum Master drives effectiveness in several ways, including:

  • Helping Scrum Teams focus on creating usable and useful Increments every Sprint
  • Coaching team members in self-management and cross-functionality
  • Helping the Product Owner find strategies and techniques to optimize product value
  • Helping stakeholders understand Scrum and collaborate with Scrum Teams
  • Supporting the organization in improving their environment so agility can blossom

Why a Scrum Master from Amazing Outcomes?

  • Our Scrum Masters have in-depth knowledge and an understanding of Scrum independently verified through multiple professional qualifications (at least PSM II).
  • Our Scrum Masters have mentorship and support from our very own Professional Scrum Trainer™ (PST) from with more than 15 years of Scrum experience. For our Scrum Masters, this means having a sparring partner to review difficult situations and share ideas with, and being professionally guided on how they can grow their skills. As a result our Scrum Masters can apply Professional Scrum more effectively with our clients and Scrum Teams.
  • Diversity is not just a buzzword for us. Our Scrum Masters come from a variety of different backgrounds. We use that diversity of thought in regular intervision sessions (peer-coaching) to tap into each others' experience and creativity. This means our clients and Scrum Teams benefit from our whole organization.

What one of our clients says about us

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have experience with scaling Scrum?

Yes. Here is a case study about how we scaled Scrum with Nexus to turn around a project and help an organization discover new ways of developing products.

Do you do SAFe?

There are many ways to scale Scrum initiatives effectively. We do not think SAFe is one of them, and we are happy to discuss effective alternatives with you.

Do you provide “technical Scrum Masters”?

There is no such thing as technical Scrum. There is only Scrum. To that end we provide experienced and qualified Scrum Masters that will help you build highly effective, self-managing Scrum Teams that deliver usable and useful Increments in every Sprint.

What languages do you work in?

We work in English and German.

Do you work remotely or on-site?

We offer both modes of working. Naturally because of the impact of COVID-19, a large part of our work with clients currently is done online; however, when we are able to safely work on-site again, we will do so.