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Agile Resources

A curated collection of knowledge and resources for agile teams & agile leaders.
  • Blog

    We love sharing our thoughts and experience about agility & outcomes.
  • Scrum Framework 2020 Poster

    Download our free Scrum Framework 2020 poster.
  • The Scrum Guide Comparison

    Learn what has changed in Scrum.
  • The Definitive Guide to Scrum

    Read the official Scrum Guide.
  • Definition of Done Template

    A template to create and deliver Done Increments
  • Scaling Scrum with Nexus Case Study

    How we used Nexus to scale Scrum
  • The Kanban Guide

    The Kanban Guide developed by Kanban experts and practioners.
  • The Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams

    Improve your Scrum with Kanban and flow metrics.
  • Kanban Design Patterns

    Download our Kanban Design Patterns poster.
  • Kanban Post Cards

    A fun way to mind Kanban principles.
  • What are outcomes?

    Read our blog post about outcomes over outputs.
  • Outcome Map Template

    A template to achieve goals
  • Agile Reading Recommendations

    Recommended literature for agile teams & agile leaders

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