Professional Agile Leadership
Essentials™ (PAL-E)

Learn to build and lead an agile organization and gain a powerful competitive advantage over your competitors.


Agility is an organization's most important (management) skill in dynamic markets characterized by technological, economic and social changes. True agility emerges when agile leaders create an environment within which teams can self-organized and focus. In this course, you will learn how you as an agile leader can create an environment for high-performing and successful teams.

Why you should come

This training is right for you if …

  • You want to understand agile leadership
  • You want to promote agile teams and an agile organization
  • You want to improve time-to-market for your projects and products
  • You want to control risks in complex environments
  • You want to establish a common understanding of your way of working

What you will learn

  • Use agile values and principles to guide your actions
  • Create an environment for agile teams
  • Promote an agile culture in your company
  • Build and promote high-performing teams
  • Promote cross-functionality and self-organization in teams
  • Establish agile portfolio management

Course Topics

  • Complexity, Empiricism & Agility
  • Exploring Agility
  • Focus Areas of an Agile Leader
  • Outcomes over Outputs
  • Developing Agile Teams
  • Flight Levels
  • Measuring Success
  • Mindset & Values
  • Starting as an Agile Leader

Why us?

  • Your trainers Thomas Schissler and Johannes Geske are accredited traienrs. They have been training and coaching leaders and teams for many years in using agile principles and practices to build digital and physical products, transform and run organizations, and solve crisis projects.
  • We run our own company based on these principles. We practice what we preach.
  • We keep the size of our class small, no more than 12 participants
  • You get access to our digital library with all training materials and additional resources
  • You get access to our online community where we will help you with day-to-day questions


After completing this PAL-E course, you will receive a password to attempt the PAL I exam. The exam is a 60-minute online test (English) with 36 questions (multiple choice, multiple answer, true/false). The passing grade is 85%. After passing the exam, you will receive the industry-recognized Professional Agile Leadership I (PAL I) certificate from Your PAL I certificate does not expire and has no renewal fee. If you take the exam within 14 days after this course and do not pass, you can retake the exam for free.


We use “Training from the back of the room” and “Liberating Structures” to deliver a highly interactive learning experience where you are able to experience practical hands-on training in an easy to understand, engaging and exciting way.