Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop

Mindset, principles and practices for agile management and remote leadership


In this four-day, interactive Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop, we cover the basics, principles and tools of Management 3.0. The many practical units and exercises provide concrete ideas for your everyday life as a manager so that you can create a more productive and appealing work environment over the long term.

What you will learn about Management 3.0

Participation in our Management 3.0 Fundamentals Workshop enables you to:

  • To redefine leadership in such a way that it becomes the responsibility of everyone in the company
  • to meet complex challenges with the right tools and structures
  • Define common goals in such a way that they are supported by everyone
  • To guide others, to work in a motivated, proactive and self-determined manner - especially remote teams
  • To promote a corporate culture that leads to sustainable corporate success through better feedback and appreciative cooperation

What is Management 3.0?

Management 3.0 is a way of leading more effectively. Management 3.0 helps people in an organization develop the mindset that everyone is responsible for management. Through a combination of modern management principles and concrete and easy to apply practices, Management 3.0 brings about visible improvements for the organisation and its customers such as:

  • higher productivity and greater agility
  • positive cultural changes
  • happier employees, managers and customers

Where does Management 3.0 come from?

Management 3.0 was coined by Jurgen Appelo, who uses it to describe new management principles and practices for managing agile companies. The term Management 3.0 contrasts modern management from outdated management attitudes. Management 1.0 is where people were seen as merely cogs in a gear, and Management 2.0 is where companies and their people acted strictly in line with their company hierarchy. Management 3.0 is about promoting, motivating and involving people and teams to improve the organization: "Manage the system, not the people!"

Management 3.0 Principles

Management 3.0 is based on the following principles:

  • Engage people and their interactions: People are the heart of an organization. Managers must do everything possible to keep people active, creative, and motivated.
  • Improve the system: A Management 3.0 practice improves the entire system, not just part of it. This includes not only individual teams, but also their interactions with one another and their customers.
  • Help delight all clients: Customers are not just external customers, but also other teams, employees and stakeholders. We try to inspire everyone.
  • Manage the system, not the people: We find it difficult to change our behavior. However, if we change our environment, we enable ourselves to control ourselves and adapt our behavior.
  • Co-create work: We work together and jointly design improvements to the system and happier customers.


Our training is right for you if you:

  • Want to improve your managerial skills and prepare yourself for complex challenges
  • Want to change your company in order to encourage others to break new ground
  • Are looking for concrete ideas and tools for agile management
  • Are responsible for motivating and empowering your team
  • Want to create a sustainable corporate culture that promotes innovation, self-organization and productivity


  • Management and Leadership
  • Principles of Management 3.0
  • Complexity Thinking
  • Motivation and Engagement
  • Delegation and Empowerment
  • Remote Teams
  • Better Feedback
  • Change Management


  • 4 days / 2.5 hours per day (live online) or on request 2 days/ 5 hours per day (in-house)
  • Trainer is a certified Management 3.0 Facilitator
  • Extensive course materials in English
  • Certificate of participation


  • Management 3.0 certified

    Learn, Practice, Teach: Your trainer is officially certified as a Management 3.0 Facilitator.
  • Professional trainer

    Your trainer Oliver Monneke is not only a certified Management 3.0 Facilitator, Supporter and Co-Owner, but is also an experienced Scrum Master and Agile Coach.
  • Happy training participants

    Our participants rate our Management 3.0 Fundamentals workshops with an average of 9 out of 10 points.
  • Action instead of PowerPoint

    No top down teaching! Instead, we actively involve you in the training through simulations, interactive exercises and practical examples.
  • Online coaching

    After the workshop, we will support you with 4 x 1 hour online coaching sessions to further promote your effectiveness - at no additional cost.
  • We Practice What We Preach

    We know how challenging management is. We support you in your role through concrete ideas and tools.


High methods and application competence. ★★★★★

High methods and application competence.

Anders, ★★★★★ review

We had a lot of space for open discussions. ★★★★★

We had a lot of space for open discussions.

Tobias, ★★★★★ review

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How you can prepare for the Management 3.0 workshop

We will send you a task in advance, which you should work on before the actual workshop. This task serves as the basis for a workshop exercise. Please let us know which topics you would like to focus on and any important questions in advance so that we can address them comprehensively in the workshop.

Important note if you want to offer Management 3.0 training courses yourself.

Participation in our certified Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop does not enable you to become a Management 3.0 Facilitator. This means you cannot offer training yourself. To become a Management 3.0 Facilitator you must also complete the one-day Fundamentals Plus workshop personally and on site or acquire the Certificate of Practice. Please contact us for more information.

Management 3.0 certificate

After you have participated in all the dates and workshop modules, you will receive your certificate.


We create a productive learning environment for you with varied exercises, clear concepts, new ways of thinking and lots of valuable exchanges with the trainer and other participants. This is how we ensure that your Management 3.0 workshop is understandable, exciting and practical.

Management 3.0 Fundamentals Workshop as online training (live)

In our online training we create an effective virtual learning experience by using HD video conferencing, online break-out rooms, digital whiteboards and special moderation techniques. We have put together answers to the most common questions here. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for there, or if you prefer to speak to us personally, please contact us.

Special needs

Please contact us if you need support to take part in our Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop. Our goal is to make this course accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Do you have any further questions about our Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop?

We look forward to your questions and to getting to know each other without obligation! You can reach us here.