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to lead your product development

An experienced Product Owner is the most influential role on an agile team. As your Interim Product Owner, we maximize product value while we grow your future Product Owner.

Find the right Interim Product Owner

A Product Owner who knows both the subject matter AND agile practices is THE most influential person on any agile team. That kind of Product Owner has the capability to easily increase the effectiveness of the team and the value of the product many times over. That professional Product Owner is also very difficult to find. That's where we come aboard: As your Interim Product Owner we lead your product development and maximize product value while we partner with your future Product Owner and grow them into a professional Product Owner.

The Interim Product Owner

Why you should work with an Interim Product Owner from Amazing Outcomes:

  1. Experience: We are experienced Product Owners. We develop products for our clients from many different industries AND within our own company.
  2. Expertise: We are experts in Scrum and complimentary agile practices that we use to create high-value products. We verify our knowledge through professional certifications.
  3. Industry knowledge: Through our work with clients from different industries we know which questions to ask in order to quickly understand your domain, market and your customers' needs.
  4. Professional development: We coach and mentor your future Product Owner on the job. As Professional Scrum Trainer™ (PST) and partners of™ we teach your future Product Owner how to become a professional Product Owner who maximizes product value.
  5. Highly-effective teams: As your professional Product Owner we help your Scrum Master be more effective in building great Scrum Teams by speaking the same language and speaking with one voice to the team and stakeholders.

The accountability of a Product Owner

As your Interim Product Owner we will maximize product value for you and your customers by being accountable for:

  • Working with your customers and stakeholders to understand their needs
  • Maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the Scrum Team
  • Understanding and communicating how the product supports the mission, strategy and goals of your organization
  • Understanding your customers’ needs and your market environment
  • Managing an effective Product Backlog
  • Developing and explicitly communicating the Product Goal
  • Creating and clearly communicating Product Backlog items
  • Ordering Product Backlog items
  • Ensuring that the Product Backlog is transparent, visible and understood
  • Communicating product progress towards goals

The risks of working with an inexperienced Product Owner

Having a Product Owner who does not understand both your market and agile practices is a risk for your business. That kind of Product Owner might not be able to use their accountability effectively to manage the three key-risks of product development:

  • Risk #1: The team might not be able to build the product
  • Risk #2: Potential users might not find the product useful
  • Risk #3: The product might not be viable to your business

What an Interim Product Owner engagement looks like:

As the Interim Product Owner, we will:

  • Establish a mutual understanding of accountabilities between you, the future Product Owner and our Interim Product Owner. We will lay out a development plan with the future Product Owner
  • Understand how the product connects to company vision, strategy and goals
  • Learn about the customer needs, the idea, vision and goals of the product, its current state and the Product Backlog
  • Get to know the team and understand their performance
  • Work with the Scrum Master in increasing team effectiveness
  • Work with stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations
  • Establish evidence-based value metrics to make progress towards goals transparent
  • Focus the work of the team on product capabilities that support the Product Goal
  • Focus the team on delivering the right quality through a powerful Definition of Done
  • Partner with the future Product Owner to develop them as part of our daily work

Looking to hire a freelance Product Owner?
We are here for you.

Are you looking for an experienced freelance Product Owner who can drive product development while coaching your future Product Owner? Are you looking for a mentor to help you use agile practices to turn an idea into value:

  • Design Thinking / Design Sprints
  • Lean User Experience (Lean UX)
  • Product vision and goals
  • Evidence-based management
  • Outcome Mapping
  • User Story Mapping
  • Probabilistic Forecasting

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which markets and products do you have experience in?

We have experience in renewable energy, e-commerce, and HVAC, developing Internet of Things (IoT), hardware, data analytics, mobile apps and web applications.

Which agile practices do you use?

We believe that complimentary agile practices can help an agile team become more effective in creating and delivering value. Such as Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean User Experience (Lean UX), Evidence-based Management, User Story Mapping, Outcomes Mapping, Statistical Forecasting and Kanban.

Do you have experience with scaling agile teams / Scrum?

Yes. Here is a case study about how we scaled Scrum with Nexus to turn around a challenged project and successfully develop a product.

What languages do you work in?

We work in English and German.

Product Owner remote or on-site?

As Product Owners, we work both remotely and on customer-site. Due to COVID-19, we are currently only working remotely until we can work safely on-site again. Regardless of the place of work, we value "face-to-face" communication as the most efficient and effective form of collaboration. That is why our Product Owners collaborate remotely as visually and interactively as they would if they were on site. To do this, we use video communication, digital whiteboards and tried and tested moderation techniques that promote team responsibility (deliver a useful and usable Increment in every sprint) and teamwork (e.g. pair programming, mob programming).