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Keynote "Agility for a Sustainable World"

We inspire your teams and leaders to create impact through agility.


Through our keynote speech we inspire you and your employees to explore agility for a sustainable world. We will demystify the buzzword, give you a clear definition of what agility is really about, and create a shared understanding of why agility is a key-skill to create a sustainable world – for your business, for people and for our planet.

Here's what participants say

"Finally, the term ‚agility‘ is no longer a buzzword without content. Johannes and Claus-Peter communicated its meaning, principles and practices in a vivid and playful way. Customer-oriented, friendly and to the point. Absolutely recommendable!" — Dr. Nicolai Seitz, General Counsel, Vaillant Group

This keynote speech includes

  • 90-minutes interactive talk
  • Participants can interact with the content
  • A clear definition of agility
  • Insights into why agility is a competitive advantage
  • An overview of most important agile principles & practices
  • Tips to improve your agility
  • Q&A session & discussion

Why you should book our keynote speech

This keynote speech is right for you, if you'd like to

  • Create a shared understanding of what agility really means
  • Create a sense of urgency that agility is an important competitive factor
  • Demystify the buzzword agility and replace it by a clear definition
  • Know the most important agile principles and practices
  • Inspire your employees to start on an agile journey together


  • Why our world is getting increasingly complex
  • Complexity & Agility
  • What agility is really about
  • Overview of agile principles & practices
  • Tips to improve your agility
  • Q&A session & discussion


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Why us?

  • Outcomes over Outputs

    We help you achieve outcomes that exceed your goals instead of just producing more outputs.
  • Agility is a means to an end

    Agility isn't a goal in itself but a means to achieve goals. We help you to use agile practices effectively.
  • We practice what we preach

    We don't rely on 2nd-hand referrals. That's why we put things to the test and only teach and coach what we've done ourselves and know that works.
  • Practicing agility since 2005

    We've been helping teams and leaders to improve their agility since 2003. In 2005 we started using Scrum. In 2019 we became a proud partner of Scrum.org, the home of Scrum.