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We help companies create amazing outcomes – for their business, for people and for our planet.

Amazing Outcomes was founded to help companies create amazing outcomes for them, their people, and their customers. Throughout our work with many companies on complex challenges, we always came back to one basic question: What makes an outcome truly amazing? We felt we were missing something to explain our true purpose. Finding our answer took time, but once we had it, it was obvious: Outcomes are only truly amazing if they are not created at the expense of other people and our planet.

These truly amazing outcomes are rare: We all use more natural resources than our planet can renew while at the same time many people still lack the basics of life from food and housing to healthcare and political voice. The effects of this imbalance are visible everywhere, for example: global climate change, loss of biodiversity, poverty, social unrest and fragile economies with business models that only work at the expense of future generations. And despite international agreements about climate change and sustainable development, despite technological advances, we are still not doing enough to protect our planet.

Source: Kate Raworth, "Doughnut Economics - 7 Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist", 2017.

Creating a world where we all can thrive (live and do business within the ecological ceiling of our planet and the social foundation of people) is the most important challenge of this century. The real challenge is that technological advances alone will not be enough. We must change our behavior and actions. Unlimited growth at the expense of others and our planet can no longer be our measure of success and progress, but thriving can.

Together with others, we are taking on this complex challenge. We help companies create amazing outcomes – for their business, for people and for our planet.


We enable teams and leaders to turn complex challenges into sustainable solutions through agility.

Creating a sustainable world where companies and people can thrive is the most complex challenge of this century: We must transform our economies and societies and change the way we live and do business.

We help companies that are genuinely committed to solving this complex challenge.

We enable their teams and leaders to turn problems into ideas, ideas into insights, and insights into solutions through agility, the skill to turn complex challenges into valuable solutions creatively, quickly and flexibly.