About us

Our Team

Our purpose

To help organizations create amazing outcomes.

Our vision

A world where all organizations are places in which people enjoy working and learning together to create amazing outcomes their customers love, that give them pride and enable them to thrive.

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Our goals

By 2030, we will have contributed positively and measurably to the goals of organizations. Teams, managers and executives will:

  • 1. Embody a mindset, values and culture focused on outcomes

  • 2. Promote governance supporting outcome-orientation

  • 3. Leverage principles, practices and workspaces enabling learning and outcomes

  • 4. Manage by outcomes

  • 5. Collaborate to create amazing outcomes

We help organizations achieve these outcomes by providing teams, managers and executives with amazing information, training, coaching, workshops, solutions and resources.

Our Values

Scrum is the heart of how we operate, so its values mean everything to us. Here is how we strive to embody and embrace the Scrum values in all we do:


We show courage by accepting big challenges. Courage by challenging the status quo. Courage by embracing change as a source of competitive advantage. Courage by being transparent and sharing vital information with others. Courage by living these values every day.


We commit to be professional, responsible and respectful. We commit to do our best. We commit to excellence. We commit to focus on value. We commit to challenge the status quo. We commit to transparency. We commit to inspect and adapt. We commit to these values.


We focus on value. We focus on outcomes over output. We focus on getting better and always finding ways to improve. We focus on what is important. We focus on creating transparency to inspect and adapt upon. We focus on always producing finished work.


We show respect for our clients, their rich history and diverse backgrounds. We respect that change is difficult, and often people need time to accept change. We respect our clients by helping them create outcomes instead of outputs. We respect the big picture in which our customers operate. We respect that everyone is unique with different skills, expertise and insights. We respect these values.


We are open about our work, progress, learning and challenges. We are open to change. We are open to people and their personal backgrounds, experience and opinions. We are open to collaborating with our client’s partners. We are open to sharing and accepting feedback.

How we run our company

We are driven by our purpose to help organizations create amazing outcomes. We believe that the first step in achieving our purpose is to practice what we preach. That is why we use outcome-led principles and practices to run Amazing Outcomes. Scrum is the heart of our organization. Outcome Mapping keeps us focused on value and Kanban helps us improve the flow of value from ideas to outcomes.

Experiencing outcome-orientation within our own company is what really helps us help others.

How we are different

  • We are the goldilocks of our profession

    We are bigger than freelancers and smaller than corporates. Stronger than one person but faster than bigger organizations. We have a flat hierarchy but with personal accountability. We are personal and professional. In other words, we are just right for you.
  • Diversity is an advantage, not a buzzword

    For us, diversity isn't about political correctness. We come from a range of backgrounds, and we have a vast wealth of knowledge across multiple industries. What brings us together is a passion for creating amazing outcomes for our clients.
  • We practice what we preach

    We don’t rely on second hand referrals. We like to put things to the test. So, we only teach and coach things that we have tested and done ourselves and know that works. We practice what we preach.

Our clients

Our clients come from a variety of industries, e.g. broadcasting, energy, fashion, food, and high-tech, but they all have one thing in common: they pursue ambitious goals. Here's what some of our clients say about how we helped them exceed their goals.

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Caring for the environment

At Amazing Outcomes, we care deeply about a cleaner, healthier future in our lifetime and for generations to come. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint, professionally and personally, and are committed to:

  • Using resources responsibly and consciously

  • Minimizing energy consumption

  • Using clean energy

  • Avoiding plastic waste

  • Using recycled materials

  • Working with environmentally responsible suppliers

We hope that leading by example will motivate and encourage others to join us in taking care of our environment.

Giving Back

We are lucky to live in a time and a place where we can feel safe without worrying about the economic, political and geographical problems that affect so many people. We were born in the right place at the right time, and benefitted from the hard work and courage of the generations of people who came before us. Not everyone is so fortunate.

That is why we support non-profit organizations who want to improve the lives of people, animals and our environment. If you belong to a non-profit organization, and would like us to help you, please contact us via e-mail to Johannes Geske.


We love to have amazing talent on our team.

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