We create amazing outcomes that exceed your goals.

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Learn the foundations of Scrum, and apply it directly in developing a product through a series of Sprints.

Outcomes over Outputs

Have you been so busy that you lost focus on your goal? We help you regain focus on outcomes over outputs.

Participatory Change

Develop a shared vision to initiate change using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology.

Product Owners

As a Product Owner, you aim to maximize the value of your product. We give you the techniques to let you squeeze every drop.

Our Purpose

To help organizations create amazing outcomes.

Our Vision

A world where all organizations are places in which people enjoy working and learning together to create amazing outcomes their customers love, that give them pride and enable them to thrive.

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In our last episode „ Starting with Outcome Mapping “, Sharon explained the structure of an outcome map to Bruce. Both then created an outcome map for their goal. While Bruce was …

Starting with Outcome Mapping (episode 2)

Welcome to the second blog post about Amazing Decisions, a fictional company with its CEO Kathryn, the VP of Sales Bruce and Sharon the Product Owner. In our previous episode “ O …

Outcomes over Outputs (episode 1)

Welcome back to our blog. In this blog we are going to dive a little bit deeper into what outcomes are and explore why outcomes are more important than outputs. In the last blog …

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